Operating within the Department of Geography, Mapshop is an initiative of the New Mappings Collaboratory and part of a broader mission to raise the critical mapping capacities of the University of Kentucky. Mapshop provides an opportunity for community and campus organizations to work directly with students, faculty, and cartographic staff in the production of geographic representations.

The work displayed here was created by Mapshop staff and students in collaboration with community partners. If you have questions about a particular project, or would like to collaborate, contact us.

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LexTran Bus Stops

This is a digitized version of a project created by the Spring 2015 Mapshop students. The map depicts the distribution of the three types of bus stops in the LexTran System: pole, shelter and bench, across the Northeast side of Lexington.


Tobacco Free Schools

This project is a collaboration with the UK Tobacco-free Task Force and shows the spread of tobacco free schools and campuses across the state of Kentucky between 2008-2015.


Habitat Housing

A demo project for Habitat for Humanity showing the distribution of Habitat projects by decade built. A second version of this map organizing the projects into type and displaying areas of activity by Habitat is in development.



This project shows the location of GleanKY's recipient sites organized by program type. The project is branded to match the client's website and displays extended information about each partner organization in the left-hand sidebar.


GleanKY Mobile

This project shows the location of GleanKY's recipient sites organized by program type. Additional information about partner organizations appears in a popup when a user clicks on a site icon. This is a mobile-friendly version of the map created for their website.